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If you want to buy a Morifone Guitar

Until our online shop is up and ready, please send us an email to discuss your favorite personalization options or to get a quote. We can send you a mockup of your dream guitar and really take the time to fine tune every details to suit your needs. Once you put an order, you will be asked for a deposit of 25% of the total price. The average waiting time to process your order (to build it!) and to ship it to your door is around 4 to 9 months. International shipping is available.

Every Morifone guitar comes with:

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • An extra set of strings
  • Updates and pictures of the building process
  • A paper copy of “Guitar Story – The birth of the Morifone Guitars company” (when available)


  • Quarzo-molded and Morifone-labeled Hard Case ($180 USD)
  • Shipping fees

*No money back starting 7 days after the deposit. Your guitar would then be in the process of being built following your own specs and personalization options. 

**No returns after taking possession of the instrument, except in the case of a manufacturing default.

If you are a retailer

If you are a guitar distributor or boutique owner and you are interested to do business with us, please send us an email to discuss this. Just take note that:

  • We do not put our guitars in consignment. Never.
  • We are nice people and want to hear you out if you’re open-minded and want to be part of the Morifone dream-team.

If you are an artist looking for an endorsement deal

You’re an up-and-coming artist and think you deserve to have an endorsement deal with Morifone Guitars? Great! Start by buying a Morifone guitar at retail price, and then, depending on your media coverage and overall visibility, we will be open to discuss an endorsement deal.

If you are an established musician with a huge (we mean HUGE) following, send us an email right away so we can find a way to make you the coolest endorsed musician in the universe. Usually, we offer factory seconds and blem instruments at a good discounted price as the first step to endorsement. In exchange, you will get a special section on our website and lots of social media love from Morifone.

If you are a Youtuber, blogger or journalist

You have lots of exposure on a particular media and would like to talk about Morifone? You’d like to know how you could put your hands on a Morifone guitar to try it out and spread the word about it? Great. We have a solution for you, depending on the scale of your visibility. We can also provide pre-written bios, spec sheets, and official photos. Just drop us an email right away and let’s make this happen!

Dude! I only have a tiny question to ask!

Questions of all kind (guitar-related please) are welcome! Go on, click the button below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you are a Morifone Superfan and want to help (or praise) us

You’re a Morifone guitar owner and want to tell us how much you like our products? You’re working hard to put money aside to one day realize your Morifone dream and want to share your passion with us? You have amazing guitar design ideas or requests that you’d like to share with the Morifone team? You want to know how you can help us grow and become part of our Street (Dream) Team? Go on, write us an email. Those are our favorites!