The Spada Deluxe with a Tobacco burst finish.

The Morifone Aileron™ Headstock

Patented Headstock Design

Aileron headstock artistic rendering
The Aileron 2 headstock design.




Our upward-winged headstock is an improvement in usability, tonal quality and playability.

Different angles of the Aileron headstock, a 3D shape with upward wings that elevates the tuners.

The visual signature of Morifone

The solid-body electric guitar dates from the ’50s, and countless products still, to this day, base their designs on the iconic models of the golden years. Most manufacturers emulate the body shapes we know and love, but all must find their identity in the design of their own headstock contour to differentiate their products.

The Morifone Aileron™ headstock is our brand identity. Inspired by modern jet figthers and italian cars designs, we think it is time for the guitar world to enter the three-Dimensional world. 

Spread your wings! Be a flag-bearer of the new generation of guitars!

A Lamborghini sportscar and a F-22 fighter jet
Patent drawing of the Aileron headstock.

Better Tone

The angled capstans allows for less break angle to the strings at the nut, enhancing the sustain of the instrument for a better timbre and sound projection.

This important detail, along with the whole guitar design (4.4 degree neck angle, 17 degree headstock angle, rigidity of the neck, density of the body etc.) and the materials used to capture the vibration of the strings (ultra-resonating bell-brass bridge, Mahogany and carved Maple body + top, vintage output pickups etc.) gives our guitars a silky tone and a beautiful, warm timbre.

By comparing the average sustain of our instruments to the average of other well-known brands, we were happily surprised to see (and hear) that our guitars have nearly twice the sustain of the others.

Sustain is not only nice to play long-lasting notes or chords: Even when changing notes rapidly, the early sustain of the instrument plays a gigantic role in the perception of tone.

More sustain means better all-around sound!

Pro Tools screenshots showing the improved sustain of the Quarzo.
Side view drawing of the Aileron headstock, the tuners do not touch the flat surface where the headstock is laying on.

Stay in tune

The tuners remain tuned even when the guitar is laying on a flat surface. The gearbox under the headstock will touch the surface, but the tuning pegs will never be in contact with it.

Never again will you cringe when someone puts your guitar flat on a bed or sofa, and when playing a gig, you will be able to lay it on the ground or against a wall without freaking out about your tuning. Your guitar will also be more likely to stay in tune when put in a hardcase.

Easier to bend

In comparison with a traditional single-cut guitar, the strings are aligned closer to the center of the headstock, bringing a smoother break angle at the nut that enables more flexibility when bending notes.

Aileron Original

Lead your dreams. Spread your wings!

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