Introducing the Morifone Quarzo

Patented Headstock Design

All Morifone instruments features our unique upward-winged headstock shape, providing a stunning look and functional advantages for better tone and playability.

The Morifone Aileron™

Stay in tune

The tuning pegs are never in contact with a flat surface.

More sustain

A neck design enhancing timbre and sound projection.

Improved playability

Strings are easier to bend.

The Morifone Quarzo Semi-Hollow

Handmade in Montreal, Canada

Each Morifone instrument is made from the finest tonewoods and workmanship in our workshop located in Montreal, Canada. 

The story of a dream

Morifone Guitars was first imagined in 2010 by Ren Buffoni and Pierre-Emile Morin.

Morin + Buffoni = Morifone.

Morifone was born out of their desire to build the ideal electric guitar. Ren Buffoni was so passionate about guitars that at the young age of 8 years old, he already was running what he calls a “paper guitar factory”, by mass producing construction paper guitars with his brother.

After playing in bands for twenty years he became a sound engineer, and his interest was now in getting the ideal sound textures for his various projects. When he finally got into guitar making in 2010, his objective was to design the ultimate instrument, one that would have the silky sound of vintage guitars combined with a creative and modern approach to its conception.

That’s when the idea of the Aileron™ shape appeared in a dream, in the middle of the night.

With the help of a number of mentors, including the famous master luthier Marc Lupien, founder of XXL guitars, Ren Buffoni and his team are now realizing their childhood dream by building the ultimate tone machines.

Morifone in the medias

The first step to lead your dreams.

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